San Gimignano

Etruscan civilization is a term coined to describe a civilization of ancient Italy in the area of Tuscany (the province of Sienna), western Umbria. And San Gimignano is one of the small towns that house these civilians. Some interesting reads I’ve found 🙂



Sceneries before the Porta San Matteo

20130606_094722 20130606_094907

Porta San Matteo


After entering,  Via Porta San Matteo welcomes you :). And the scenery before me is utterly medieval! Flails, halberds not included, but nevertheless, the feel is there.



Foolproof duster to keep the roads spick and span!

20130606_11044920130606_111036 20130606_110438 20130606_111545 20130606_111557

Phallus… Size matters..


Sheer luck brought us to this small corner of the town where it is less touristy and captures the medieval spirit



Finally upon reaching Piazza della Cisterna,  we got to meet Sergio Dondoli, owner of Gerlateria di Piazza, who was world champion in Gelato creations a couple of times. Know more about him here! Typical jolly italian persona out from the movies!


mom, cheeky fella and I



Both are as comical 😛 .. the chinese is my Dad 🙂


Hot Pink: Rosemary

Light purple: Champagne

Light Brown: Pistacchio

Peach: ermmm.. Peach


Leaving Piazza del Cisterna, you enter Piazza delle Erbe


At Piazza delle Erbe, is the fresh food market. Piazza delle Erbe means “Herbs Square”, and fresh food market is a tradition since medieval times! And above is a stall selling Porchetta (Roasted Pork). I was told to watch out for their pork salami! ah dratz, filled up from breakfast, sooo.. had to give this one up 😦


Fish stall… please note … the baby in the pram 🙂


Canned stuff like anchovies,some cheese, cured meats like the salami I missed out!



20130606_104835 20130606_104842 20130606_104901


Walking up the hill from Piazza delle Erbe


20130606_101605 20130606_101714

And on the way to La Rocca, we met a handful of musicians.. pretty savvy..




20130606_101945 20130606_102052 20130606_102108

Why harp? Hmm I guess it suits the environment.. a little fantasy feel out from a storybook set in the medieval times… This spells LOTR



And so we have reached La Rocca… this pic above is taken at the midpoint (vertically) of the fortress.


A breathtaking view awaits at the top of the Rocca fortress…countryside

20130606_102723 20130606_102725

City View near the foreground and Countryside at the background



Fran’s words: “photos need you in them, if not they’d just be postcards”.. Hence the effort 🙂

20130606_102826 20130606_102829

Family and fren Fran



From La Rocca, you can take in the view of numerous towers in the town. A reward for a ultra steep climb! Something about the towers: San Gimignano can be nicknamed a city of towers. It has 14 in total, with many destroyed during natural and man-made catastrophes. In the 14th century, San Gimignano was one of the richest cities. Various cities and families within a city competed amongst themselves based on the height of the tower built by them, as an indication of the wealth and status. Some compared this to how a bigger phallus was revered in a similar manner.


Times up to return.. and to avoid the squeezy bus toilet, we decided to try out this automated toilet. All you need to do is to insert 50 cents, press start, you get 15 minutes each time to do your business. Once past the time limit, toilet door automatically opens. A little stressful for a defection..

20130606_104311 20130606_104407


And I supppose its the end of the magical tour 🙂


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